Freitag, 11. März 2011


before: this is our closet,Almanzo and mine and tableclothes and clothes for work also,not too much I guess!
and then: I found never know......our youngest is eight,maybe grandchildren around the corner? Almanzo is beeing remembered of our little ones ,we were both kind of homesick..........

ok,we´ll put this is a nice and cozy box and we´ll wait what will happen someday!
now we´re ready! we flung a whole box of clothing! And I found special shirt,I wore it when my first daughter graduated from Steiner School. A happy day!

This is Almanzos side of the closet. His woolen sweaters aren´t in the closet,because he "airs" them after wearing.

Looking forward to the next step on Monday.
Thanks to simplemom !


kreativberg hat gesagt…

hast du den bunten kleinen pulli selbst gemacht? das ist wirklich ein toller fund während der projektverwirklichung :)
weiterhin viel freude!!

The Starr Family hat gesagt…

Great job! Life is better when made simple and organized!

micha hat gesagt…

Das "Waldorfmama"-Shirt ist ja toll!

mommablogsalot hat gesagt…

Looks great! Good job!

therealkc hat gesagt…

Giving away baby clothes is hard because of all the wonderful memories. You will bless someone else with lovely memories with all you have given away.

Regina hat gesagt…

liebe sanne,
tolle idee!!!!sieht klasse aus.
wünsche dir ein wunderschönes wochenende,
liebe grüße,regina